December 14, 2016
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About ImSeal™
ImSeal™ is a uniquely formulated, 2 part epoxy based macro-porosity sealing resing.  ImSeal™ draws beneath the surface – penetrating and filling porosity deep within the wall thickness of a casting. It fills all interconnected passageways becoming a permanent indestructible seal and is not affected by subsequent operations.

Ideal Parts
ImSeal™ is design specifically to seal blowholes, cracks, surface defects and macro-porosity on iron, aluminum, brass, and other metal castings and parts.

Its room temperature cure mechanism is designed to cure within 24 hours for operational use.

Once cured, ImSeal™ is resistant to most fuels, oils, alcohols, glycols, solvents, salts, mild acids, freons as well as most other common liquids and gases. Typical cured hardness is 97 Shore D (ASTM D2240).

Shelf Life
ImSeal™ has a shelf life of 24 months in a closed container.

Pot Life
ImSeal™ has a pot life of 20-45 minutes.

Each kit contains 6 packets of ImSeal™.

Orders will ship within 24 hours after being processed.

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Each kit contains 6 packets of ImSeal™.

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